Management Courses in New Zealand

Courses at Stallion Institute

Hospitality Management

Get started with limitless opportunities to meet people and see the world. Hospitality Management is in a huge demand world-over. Stallion and Avonmore offer a course that prepares you to face the challenges of the booming Hospitality Sector and explore exciting opportunities in different companies around the globe.

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Business Management

Every aspect of our lives is affected by commerce. Having business skills and qualifications gives you the critical edge required to build a successful career. A business qualification opens doors for you across a range of industries by giving you practical skills that are transferrable into a variety of roles, thus, increasing your employability prospects.

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Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and New Zealand has one of the most exciting tourism industries to work in, particularly given the beautiful landscape and people’s love of adventure.

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Computer Networking

Computer networking helps you gain a strong practical foundation in the basics of Information technology and network systems. You graduate with qualifications in managing Information Technology processes.

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