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About Stallion

Vision & Mission

Stallion will impart state of the art international education by delivering innovative specialized programs with a focus on “Your Career, Our Goal” achieved through professional excellence.

To harness the innate potential of students with the most futuristic and proven international educational methodologies with the objective of shaping them into global professionals.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is this very first step that involves much deliberation, thought, as well as enthusiasm.

Stallion Institute of International Studies was started with the aim of bridging the gap that exists between Indian students and education of international standards. The institute is a pioneer in providing international education by promoting a unique model that helps students get world class education at their door steps.

To make the dream of receiving an international education a reality, Stallion Institute of International Studies has partnered with the highly prestigious institute Avonmore, New Zealand. In this unique model of partnership between STALLION and Avonmore, students are offered a course structure in which they complete the first six months of their education in India and are then transferred to the parent institute in New Zealand to complete the remaining part of the course. On completion of the programme, students are awarded Diplomas by Avonmore, New Zealand.

The students are assured of a learning experience par excellence. Not only does Stallion boast of providing the best in class pedagogy, its partner Avonmore, has been awarded Highly Confident (Category 1 Ranking) by the New Zealand Quality Authority (NZQA) for its efforts in delivering highly acclaimed, career oriented programmes to students across the globe.

Stallion Institute of International Studies strives to deliver career focused programmes with practical inputs supported by theoretical concepts. This blend of practical learning and basic theory with real world challenges provides students with the right skills, expertise and industry exposure to help them achieve their aspirations. In addition to this, Stallion Institute assures the aspirants of a vibrant campus life, cutting-edge infrastructural facilities and Centres of Excellence along with best student support services to help students enjoy this precious phase of their life.

The Institute is located in Chandigarh, India, which is an optimum location for the institute. The city serves as a hub of education catering to the education needs of local students, as well as students from adjoining states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

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Since 1988 Avonmore has grown and transitioned into one of New Zealand’s top private tertiary education providers, with state of the art campuses in New Zealand offering a range of high quality hands-on courses that help students in fulfilling their aspirations and getting jobs in good organizations.

Avonmore provides classes in small batches with hands-on learning, modern facilities and tutors who care about  giving the students optimum quality education and exposure that sets them up for whichever industry suits them best, be it Hospitality, Tourism, Business or Computer Networking. The end goal is to always get the students ready for work or further education.

As a private tertiary education provider, Avonmore strives to see its students succeed by offering them the best in the industry internships and world class facilities.

Avonmore has high success rates in terms of course completions and the students are recruited by high profile companies such as Rodney Wayne and Jade Software. Avonmore is registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Ongoing accreditation ensures it maintains a high standard of premises, resources, tutors and education. Avonmore Tertiary Institute has the highest rating available with NZQA.

All courses and units offered by Avonmore Tertiary Institute are nationally recognized and contribute toward National Certificates and Diplomas. All units achieved are recorded with New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and results are issued annually to students as a personal record of learning. In 2006 & 2013 AVONMORE was awarded Training Institute of the Year for its commitment to helping local, national and international students succeed.

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From stunning National Parks to endless coastline, to bustling cities and quiet country towns, New Zealand is a great place to travel and an even better place to be a student. New Zealand is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world.

For many years New Zealand has been a preferred destination for international students wishing to study abroad. The combination of the beautiful natural landscape, safe and friendly city life and world-class tertiary institutes like AVONMORE, make it an ideal place for further education and work.

New Zealand attracts students from around the world, in particular from Asia, North America and Europe. The country is a wonderful place to study due to its friendly and supportive culture, commitment to helping people achieve and ability to provide high quality practical education and training courses.

New Zealand is not just a great place to study, but it also provides a great backdrop for a holiday between study terms. New Zealanders, or Kiwis as they are known, are recognized for their relaxed personalities and lifestyle, love of the outdoors, sports and their ‘can-do’ attitude towards study and work.

With a population of just 4.4 million people, and 34 million sheep, New Zealand has an abundance of wide open spaces to enjoy adventure activities like hiking, mountain-biking, snowboarding, bungee-jumping and rafting. The cities might be small but they still have the cultural diversity and energetic vibe found anywhere in the world. New Zealand is not just a great place to study, it is a great place to visit, stay and explore.

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